Montini SpA, a centenary casting company specialized both in the production of road closing and crowning systems and in the production of castings for high precision mechanics and for the automotive sector, entrusts our studio with the management of the press office and the art direction of communication activities in progress. A company that has been able to stand out worldwide for its competence and efficiency. A production of excellence forged in Brescia and internationally recognized which in 2019 celebrated its first 100 years of activity and which wishes to communicate the technological innovations and the new green soul of the foundry at an international level

The management of social media and the press office has allowed us to clearly convey what distinguishes Ditre Italia, a singular attention to detail and refined elegance, the result of an observation that goes to the essence of the objects.


Montini S.p.A. – Regali Group


Art direction, Communications, Press Office, Social Media, Exibitions

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