Il Mondo delle Intolleranze

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Il Mondo delle Intolleranze.

Il Mondo delle Intolleranze, founded in 2012 by Tiziana Colombo, is a non-profit association accredited by the Lombardy Region that works to spread food culture, offer information on food intolerances and deepen the studies of physiological and psychological processes concerning nutrition. A network on food intolerance issues which, through the support of doctors, nutritionists and companies, works to make the life of those suffering from intolerances better.

Tiziana Colombo, also known as Nonna Paperina is a food blogger and creator of the Food Intolerance Portal, who has been relying on our studio for several years for press office activities and for the organization of digital and non-digital events affecting the food, associative, sports and scientific world.


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